English-online for children


Because of the war, Ukrainian children are forced to study in basements or completely remotely, due to the missile danger. The lack of close control, unstable Internet, and power outages decrease the quality of education. Anxiety, fear, and distress also negatively affect the child’s perception of educational material or even causes apathy toward learning in general. In particular, this applies to children who had to leave their homes from shelling and bombing, as well as children whose parents died defending Ukraine.

Our future is our children

Nevertheless, we know one thing for sure: we must take care of our future – our children. So it should be done today. Surprisingly, the self-realization and success of an individual directly depend on the knowledge of the English language. All doors are open to a person with good command of a foreign language.

Children studying in the online format
On a mixed form of education

We offer cooperation for online courses and freelance teachers

Are you a representative of an online school or a freelance teacher of a foreign language? Do you ready to participate in the project?

To help these children, we are organizing an English language learning project. Lessons will develop logic, thinking, and memory, immersing the child in a friendly atmosphere. This knowledge will help them to read books and watch movies in the original language, realize themselves, and be sought-after specialists in their field.

Today we need your financial help to support our project. On the “UDoNation” platform, we collect funds for the payment of English language teachers.

What are we fundraising for?

For the implementation of our project, we are raising funds to cover expenses for the organization of the educational process for learning English.

Your donations will enable children to take a step towards a brighter future by learning and improving their English.

The collection of financial support for the project implementation is temporarily suspended.