In unity there is strength


Our mission: to unite Ukrainians all over the world for the victory and reconstruction of Ukraine.

The launch of the U|Bridge project!

This project is about the achievements and stories of the Ukrainian diaspora
representatives worldwide.

50 Canadian Fellows of Ukraine

Canadians who are supporting Ukraine

We are excited to announce the start of "EEYES" initiative!

The Eastern Europe Youth Empowerment Space – this is a network of youth who wish to defend the democratic values of the civilized world, contribute to counter-propaganda, and wish for a peaceful and mutually beneficial existence of countries. 


Ukrainians abroad


Children abroad


Civilians died, and tens of thousands more were injured


The war continues, and each of us is responsible daily for helping the country and supporting our defense on all Ukrainian fronts: military, humanitarian, educational, cultural, etc. We cannot know when the war will finally end, when russian federation missiles and rocket shells stop killing people and destroying cities. But we will say for sure that the more unity we have, the faster the russian federation defeat will come.

Ukrainians all over the world should unite for the sake of victory. Thanks to our joint efforts, victory became a reality. Your support and help is extremely valuable.

Our active projects

The Eastern Europe Youth Empowerment Space initiative

for children

Support for the magazine "Ukraine to NATO"

Нelp Ukraine against Russian aggression